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Matt Klein

Program Manager

Matt grew up in Bend, Oregon where his passion for education and behavioral support blossomed. He moved to Boise in 2010 to pursue his higher education at Boise State University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Sociology and Special Education. Matt started his career in the school system as a Behavioral Interventionist and Special Education Teacher where he focused on providing critical behavioral and emotional support to his students. Matt has worked with a diverse range of children and young adults, which has allowed him to tailor his support to meet the individual needs while fostering a positive learning environment. Matt expanded his expertise as a Clinical Supervisor which allowed him to nurture the growth and development of children across various age groups. It enabled him to cultivate a holistic perspective on emotional support and behavioral intervention. Matt currently lives in Boise with his wife, two boys and one dog. Whether it’s embarking on new hiking trails, traveling across the globe, Matt’s zest for life echoes in every facet of his life.

Matt Klein: TeamMember
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