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Admissions Procedure

Our Process

We consider each and every admission carefully. A good first step is to reach out to an Admission Specialist by calling: (833) 692-7264 or emailing us at The Admissions Team will walk you through the process. We begin by getting to know the background of you or your family member, and then schedule a call with our Program Director.

Here are the steps to admission:

1) Call and talk with Admissions

2) Exchange information

3) Talk with Program Director

4) Tour (if possible). We can also provide virtual tours.

5) If student, family, and program believe there is a fit, student enrolls. 

Each person is coming to Gemba Gap Program from a different background. We take every unique situation into careful consideration. We encourage students and their families to come and tour. It's important to get a feel for our team and the amazing community that we work with. This admission process can go quite quickly if necessary, and can accommodate if more time is needed.

Admissions: Admissions

Contact Us 

(833) 692-7264

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Thanks for submitting!

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