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Gemba Gap Program
Boise, Idaho


Transitioning to Adulthood is Not Easy

Our unique Gap Program is built for young adults transitioning into adulthood. Our program assesses personality types, values, motivators, purpose, and passions. With this valuable information, we help structure paths for young adults to help them transition into adulthood with a new-found focus on goals and aspirations. These findings also help parents understand their adult children, and how to best support them on their life journey.


What is the Gemba 現場 House ?

 The Japanese definition of Gemba is “the actual place.”  In the business world the definition refers to “the place where value is created.”  

Our Gemba house is located in Boise, Idaho and designed for 18-25 year olds who want to approach adulthood with a slower pace. Life moves at a fast pace and the transition to college and the working world is a big step. We want to join those young adults wanting to slow their pace, explore their interests, and find their purpose and path.  

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Our Mission

To partner with young adults to illuminate paths that serve their passions and purpose.

Our Gap Program is designed to help young adults choose an alternative path away from the traditional high school to college, vocational school, or career stereotypes. Transitioning to adulthood is not easy. Our process is customized to find options for differing personality types, learning styles, and aspirations. Our program undercovers interests and potential paths that help young adults find enjoyment and success in their life.


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How do we help you identify a path?

"Become what thou art" -Friedrich Nietzsche 

We believe that each person has an individual development process.  Our team will help you develop a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding of both your strengths and career or vocational opportunities.  From day one you will be a part of our community, our family, and our alumni.  We respect that each of person is different and brings our own set of interests, talents, and gifts to our Gemba.  This diversity is embraced and what makes us different.

What does a day look like?

The Gemba Gap Program provides a combination of structure and individual customization.  Once you have identified your path, we will assist in supporting you on it.  All clients will have a schedule, but each schedule will look different. If you have an internship, part-time job, or are taking a class (or classes) at Boise State University, it will look different.  Our team will work with you to customize and balance a path that works for you.

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Where does my family fit in?

We understand that one’s family may see a different path than the one that you are on, or looking down. The transition to being a parent of an adult is not easy. This is a process, and one our team will embrace with your parents. Our team will work in parallel with your parents to support the process and the paths you take. A premise to our program is asking your parents to trust and respect this gap time for you to calibrate a post-Boise Gemba plan.

Learning to Fall Well

Our philosophy includes many Judo 柔道 concepts. Ju-do means the Gentle-Way.  Although judo may not look or “feel” gentle, all training initially targets learning to fall and particularly learning to fall well.  We also have a great neighborhood dojo that our residents can try out!


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