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Gemba Gap Program
Boise, Idaho

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Transitioning to Adulthood is Not Easy

Gemba Gap Program is uniquely designed for young adults transitioning into adulthood. Our program assesses personality types, values, motivators, purposes, and passions. With this valuable information, we help structure paths for young adults, helping them transition into adulthood with a new-found focus on goals and aspirations. Our process is also valuable in helping parents understand their adult children, and how to best support them on their life journey.

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What is Gemba 現場?

 The Japanese definition of Gemba is “the actual place.”  In the business world, the definition refers to “the place where value is created.”  

Our Gemba Gap Program located in Boise, Idaho is designed for 17-25 year olds who want to approach adulthood with a purposeful pace. Life moves at a fast pace and the transition to college and the working world is a big step. We want to join those young adults wanting to slow their pace, explore their interests, and find their purpose and path.  

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How Does Gemba Gap Work?

Learn about your options and what Gemba provides

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Gemba Gap Program offers three different houses in Boise with varying levels of support and structure. Which house an individual lives in depends on that own person's individual needs. If an individual is looking for an option with more independence, apartment living is also an option.

Academic Support

Students at Gemba Gap have the ability to comprehend the subject matter, but struggle with the executive functioning tasks such as time management, prioritizing assignments, completing assignments, balancing the expectations of different professors, and remembering due dates. Gemba provides one-to-one educational coaching to our clients enrolled in college or high school completion in order to promote the growth of executive functioning skills.

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Life Skills Mentoring

Independent living skill development is an important part transitioning to adulthood. Gemba provides individualized coaching to build-up life skills. Our life skills coaching ranges from hygiene, sleep habits, nutrition, cooking, clean environments, different types of exercise and fitness plans, health practices, social skills, financial literacy, and more. The Gemba team also places a strong emphasis on career counseling and job skill  development.

Counseling and Family Support

We understand that a person's family may see a different path than the one that you are on, or considering. The transition of becoming a parent of an adult is not easy. This is a process, and one our team embraces with your parents. Our team works in parallel with your parents to support the process and the paths you take. A premise to our program is asking your parents to trust and respect this gap time for you to calibrate a post-Boise Gemba plan.

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Gemba Sample Schedule

What does a typical day in the life look like at Gemba? Each young adult has an individual schedule based on their personal goals. Check out this weekly sample schedule inspired by a current young adult at Gemba!

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College Stident

Gemba Client Profile

Learn more about our young adults.

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What does a day look like?

Gemba Gap Program provides a combination of structure and individual customization.  Once you have identified your path, we assist in supporting you on it. All clients will have a schedule, but each schedule looks different. If you have an internship, part-time job, or are taking a class (or classes) at Boise State University, it will look different.  Our team works with you to customize and balance a path that works for you. Click here to see an example of a Gemba schedule.

What is Boise, Idaho like?

Boise, Idaho is located in the southwestern part of the state. The city is the state capital, and includes Boise State University. Over recent years Boise has experienced rapid growth due to its livability. Boise offers access to great urban running/ biking trails, and is in close proximity to the world-class outdoor recreation that the Rocky Mountain region provides. Gemba Gap is located about 20 minutes from the Boise airport.

What is the typical length of stay?

Most of our young adult clients stay with Gemba for 9-12 months, or around an academic year (about 2 semesters). We do require clients to a minimum of a 4-month stay, or at least one semester, for most plans.

Are there limits around technology use?

There is no one size fits all plan for technology. Some young adults do come to Gemba with a past of misuse of technology. For those young adults, we work on collaborative agreements of limits around personal technology with the ultimate goal of having the individual be able to manage daily technology use in a healthy way. Often, a guideline in our program housing is personal technology is turned off during sleeping hours to promote healthy sleep hygiene.

What do young adults do after Gemba?

Young adults come to Gemba from all over the country. Some move on after Gemba to a 4 year college somewhere else in the country. Some of our clients stay in Boise, and continue to work or go to school. These young adults often receive check-ins from time to time with the Gemba team.

Can we tour the program?

Yes! We love to have potential clients and families tour Gemba Gap Program. Tours provide a chance to see our offices and student hub space, meet staff and other clients, see our program housing, and get a feel for the Boise community. Tours are a chance for our team to get a sense of the level of support an individual will need. We are also able to schedule virtual tours. Click here to learn more about touring.

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Meet the Team

We are a diverse team of experts, and are dedicated to the health and wellness of each one of our young adult clients and families. We are  at the forefront of health and wellness of college students and young adults, providing personalized guidance to fulfill their goals.


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Program Director


Admissions Director & Business Development 


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Program Manager


Education Coach


Residential Manager


Marketing & Outreach

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College Students in Campus

To partner with young adults to illuminate paths that serve their passions and purpose.

Our Mission

Our Gap Program is designed to help young adults choose an alternative path away from the traditional high school to college, vocational school, or career stereotypes. Transitioning to adulthood is not easy. Our process is customized to find options for differing personality types, learning styles, and aspirations. Our program undercovers interests and potential paths that help young adults find enjoyment and success in their life.

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Your journey starts here.

161 E. Mallard Dr.
Boise, ID 83706

(833) 692-7264

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Next Steps

Do you have questions, or just want to learn more? Talk to our Admissions Team Today:

tel: (833) 692-7264

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Employment at Gemba Gap Program

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